Coal Kids Youth Educational Project

Hundreds of children and young people worked in coal fields across Nottinghamshire, for many hundreds of years. At present, coal mining in the UK forms part of our heritage as the last deep coal mine closed in Nottinghamshire in July 2015 and the last UK mine closed in Yorkshire in December 2015.

Coal Kids Project FLYER pdf

This project aims to enlighten young people about the lives and experiences of young people working in the coal mines. I have spent time interviewing young and older people across the city about what they know of Nottingham mining history and they say very little – only a few knew anything at all and one person mentioned the Miners’ Strike of 1984/85 as their granddad was involved. None knew of the workforce of children and the effect on the lives in the future. I have also held talks on the subject and have had comments to encourage the involvement of young people in finding out about coal mining heritage.

Project aims and outcomes

Young people in the Nottingham Area 4 and surrounding areas need to participate in and experience different perspectives linked to their local, national and global heritage for both personal and future professional development. Thus, young people and adults involved with this project, will have the chance to learn new knowledge by handle heritage artefacts, visit historical places and speaking to people who were involved in the development of industry. The project will offer unique experiences and possibly life changing opportunities for young people through future decisions about career choices, methods for maintaining heritage and social interaction. Individuals will have a chance to share what they have learnt and produced through the project with family and friends.

The activities the project will offer are:

* A coach trip to Bilsthorpe Mining Museum, Nottinghamshire
* A talk from an ex- miner (dressed as a miner)
* Art /craft activities (coal art)
* Invitation to a community exhibition on coal
* Literacy/ writing activities (Journalism, autobiography)
* End of project exhibition for families /friends

Date of the project activities:

Saturday 23.7.16 – Introductions, meet the miner activities + heritage talk
Tuesday 26.7.16 – Arts/Crafts and Literary activities around coal
Thursday 28.7.16 – Invitation to coal exhibition/event
Tuesday 09.08.16 – Visit to Bilsthorpe Mining Museum, Nottinghamshire
Friday 12.08.16- End of project presentations/certificates

Address of where the project will run from:

Dunkirk and Old Lenton community Centre
Montpelier Rd