Interview with… Joseph Hall, Academic of Dance Excellence

CV entries an employer would like to read….
BBC 1 Britain’s Got Talent 2013 (Semi- finalist)
SKY 1 Got to Dance 2011 (Semi-finalists)
BBC 3 Move Like Michael Jackson 2009 (Semi-finalist)
BBC 1 Strictly Dance Fever 2005 (Winner)
Heineken Advert 2011 (Director)
In my mind- Kia Sol Hamster commercial (Director)

Inspired by: Sammy Davis Junior, Nicholas Brothers, Gene Kelly, James Brown, Michael Jackson

Dance style inspiration: dance artistry of 1920s

Thoughts on dance since Diversity: I think dance technique will go backwards through history. One of the styles that will emerge will come from deep within African and Indian traditions. I think they will submerge and come out. African American dance like the styles of the Nicolas Brothers, the ‘shoe shine’ tap dance style will also emerge again. Take a look at street dance. It looks fantastic with flips and gymnastic moves but is because it is merging with different traditions.

What are you up to at the moment: I am touring. I have danced in London, Glasgow, Nottingham for Roland Klein and many other cities.

Do you have an agent? World Dance Management, London.

Tell us about your successful appearance on Britain’s Got Talent: It was a fantastic experience. It was another opportunity to reawaken a force that was almost a sleep inside me. I just came home one day and spoke to my partner and said I wanted to go on the programme. She looked online, completed the application and sent me forward to do it.

What did you learn from Britain’s Got Talent? I learnt that it is never too late! I learnt that you can keep going; you can redesign your dance and always develop and learn something new. I am shocked and amazed at the performance I did on the day because of my delivery and the sense of giving honour back to great dancers of their generation. There are talented people that I have learnt from. I think the Gods were happy that day!

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