Jamaicans in Nottingham: Narratives and Reflections launch 2015

As an educational, non-fiction text, this volume contributes to the growing new research into modern African Caribbean British social contexts. It is a powerful resource that highlights many personal histories of Nottingham’s post-war Jamaican migrants; their challenges and their successes achieved in Nottingham evident in their memories and experiences of employment and family commitments; an instilled desire for cultural heritage awareness and their sense of pride and achievement: expressed through their descriptive, simplistic and ‘digestible’ style of the English language and their references to significant events in the history of Nottingham including the Nottingham Race Riots of 1958 and 1981, the coal miners strikes of the 1970s and 1980s, references to the origins of the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival and the origins of the West Indian social club and meeting point in Nottingham from the mid 1970s, called the African Caribbean National Artistic (ACNA) Centre.

Jamaicans in Nottingham: Narratives and Reflections is written for audiences wanting to hear narratives from pioneers, those wanting to record family memories, the young wishing to learn about the past, seniors hoping to share their stories, historians as well as the general reader interested in oral histories.

“A valuable resource and record of narratives and reflections charting the stories of many Jamaicans who have made a difference, in a way as to value their own experiences, especially in the wake of the paramount importance of adding a dash of tropical flavour to Nottingham as well as helping to shape the rich fabric of its cross-cultural social history. An excellent read!” Pitman Browne, author, poet and historian.