Nottingham Carnival Heritage Project

Commissioned on Behalf of Tuntum Housing Association, Nottingham
Nottingham Carnival Heritage Project (HLF)


The story of Nottingham Carnival is a story of achievement against the odds as carnival heritage in Nottingham, since 1958, is the extraordinary narrative of community development, relationship and participation.

The Nottingham Carnival heritage Project (NCHP), funded through the valuable support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, aims to celebrate and share the history of the Nottingham Carnival and to reinforce the role that the Nottingham Carnival plays in creating community cohesion, harmony and the chance for diverse communities to engage in and learn from heritage.

We share with you the extraordinary story of the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival, from its earliest recorded memories, from 1958 to 2002. In addition, the Nottingham Carnival Heritage Project has enabled the community to:

Project outcomes

  • Work collaboratively with volunteers to research, identify, collate, catalogue, conserve Nottingham Carnival material and resources, to tell the full story of the Nottingham Carnival’s origins, development and history and its links with community development and cohesion in the City of Nottingham.
  • Learn from oral histories and evidence collated, through the creation and experience of a physical touring exhibition at a variety of community venues.
  • Involve volunteers to be able to share and engage in cultural heritage with young people in schools and through workshops.
  • Develop media skills in young people by using film and media techniques to create a video about Nottingham Carnival heritage.
  • Engage with learning digitally, through the creation and access of an online Nottingham Carnival archive.
  • Involve individuals and community organisations through carnival heritage workshops and skill-specific training and through participation in the project decision-making processes.

The Nottingham Carnival’s more recent history dating from 2003 to the present day, adds to the knowledge, experience and history of the Nottingham Carnival, which can be found at

Benefits for young people and the wider community
One of the primary benefits of the Nottingham Carnival Heritage Project is for children and young people to learn about and engage in the history of Nottingham Carnival and the cultural ingredients that make the event possible in the early years, creating what Nottingham Carnival is today: a fantastic family event.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about the Nottingham Carnival Heritage and carnival arts in general and look forward to sharing more of Nottingham’s fascinating and enlightening heritage with you in the future.