About Us

Nottingham News Centre CIC is a Community Interest Company (social enterprise) founded in 2013 by executive director, Norma Gregory BA, PGCE, MA, in partnership with the board of directors, staff volunteers and stakeholders. The aims of its original founding, philosophy from 2013 is simply, 'Collate, Inform, Grow,' through heritage research, heritage media production and education, to benefit local and global communities.
COLLATE - researching and analysing for new knowledge
INFORM - sharing and educating through new knowledge
GROW - promoting and participating in new knowledge
​​​​​Our goals

We believe the UK heritage sector has a global reputation and offers scope for renewal, development and celebration. Nottingham News Centre strives to lead and to develop first-class heritage projects plus, to supply heritage management services to organisations within the heritage industry and organisations unfamiliar with heritage project management and production.

Skills and expertise in the heritage sector are in demand and much needed, both in the UK and overseas. Nottingham News Centre will help you in you heritage project needs with efficiency and precision. Let us help you develop a heritage to be proud of.


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“Life is lived forwards but understood backwards.”


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