Heritage Management

Heritage management is crucial to the overall success of your heritage project and creates a strong platform from which the elements of your project can flourish.

Services we assist you with:

Project applications and proposals
Funding applications (review /feedback)
Bid writing
Project coordination
Project management and planning
Project branding
Project media engagement /publicity
Budget management
Locating sponsors & supporting organizations
Venue planning /booking
Launch event planning & management
Completion event planning & management
Interim evaluations
End of project evaluations

Heritage Content Creation

Creating valuable, accurate and unique content attracts the attention of your audience, helping create more memorable heritage. We can help you reduce your time, energy and effort needed to produce quality content.

Services we assist you with:

Content planning
Copy writing
Heritage copywriting
Press release writing
Archive planning / design / collation
Exhibition design /planning
Exhibition artefact collation
Exhibition curating
Event photography
Heritage media drafting & production (i.e. print, audio, video & online)
Heritage media promotion
Newsletter design and production

Heritage Research

Researching, locating and collecting valuable information requires research skills, archival know-how, time management and commitment. We can help you finding your way through your research in no time, ensuring you meet your deadlines.

Services we assist you with

Basic search
Advanced search
Research archiving
Library /Archive visit companion/partner
Oral history interviewing (audio & video)
Photography of archive materials /artefacts

Heritage Consultancy

Consultancy and professional feedback is a chance to discuss your initial thoughts and ideas. Seeking advice and sharing through discussion, is a way to know you are moving in the right direction.

Services we offer:

1 to 1 consultancy
Project support /advice (time specific)
Staff training
References to support applications

Heritage Education

We provide heritage educational services to share knowledge and to facilitate new learning for all.

Services we offer:

Presentations: to groups, organisations, conferences
Talks: in school, college, university settings, conferences
Workshops: educational, practical, trade shows
Artefacts/ Objects /Display hire: to groups, museums, educational organisations
Heritage educational resource production (i.e. educational leaflets, posters and booklets)

“History is herstory too.”


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